About Flat Fee Homes

Flat Fee Homes was founded on the premise of fairness and equity for all stakeholders in the real estate industry.

With twenty two years of intimate, high-level experience of the industry its founder, Jan S De Villiers, systematically came to believe that sellers of properties in South Africa are simply being over-charged.  Over the last couple of years, he started working towards a service offering that incorporates these beliefs for the benefit of the client.

Current commission structures of Real Estate Agencies inflate the selling price of a home.  It tends to spill over to the buyer but more importantly to the seller, who is emotionally invested and would like to sell his property as effortlessly as possible and at the best possible price!

The advancement and provisioning of the internet service-offering is making it increasingly possible for agents performing real estate transactions, to effect this task faster and more cost-effective. This development makes it possible for the industry to significantly reduce selling commissions, without compromising the levels of service offering to its clients. In fact, we believe it is a gross misconception that a significantly reduced sales commission, should in any way negatively impact the levels of service the seller expects from the industry

The name “Flat Fee Homes” should tell you exactly what we stand for and our chosen colour scheme, along with its implied theme, highlights our commitment to revolutionize our industry. We strive to cultivate an environment where all our clients will be served with vigor in a safe, harmonious and mutually-beneficial fashion.

The advancement of the broader information technology service today allows both for vastly superior ways of presenting the owner’s property as well as improved communication & information flow, from a real estate agent to a client. This allows for greater transparency throughout the real estate transaction process.

Flat Fee Homes will produce a better service and better results than other contemporary real estate companies available to the seller, by utilizing prevailing marketing and communications technology.

Flat Fee Homes has therefore been built on the principle of better service for less cost to the seller. This does not imply that our franchisees and/or agents do not/will not earn a fair wage, quite the contrary. We believe that the flat fee commission of R50,000 plus VAT is a more than equitable reward for the services they would be delivering to the stakeholders in any real estate transaction.

The new reduced fee will give our selling clients more price flexibility when marketing their home and potentially also benefit the buyers of real estate. The net result of which will be the creation of a vastly improved cost model for all. The rolling out of the FFH concept through a franchise model will not only benefit our future franchisees, who will become owners of their own real estate business but will mean that the benefits of the FFH real estate model is made available to as wide a seller and buyer audience as possible.