||Jan De Villiers continues his Flat Fee Homes story

Jan De Villiers continues his Flat Fee Homes story

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Jan De Villiers, CEO and Founder, continues his Flat Fee Homes story….

Flat Fee Homes became a real estate reality. The process started unfolding carefully. Now to combine the proposed flat fee with a superior service model.

In late April 2018 I floated my idea with an old friend, a management consultant with many years of cross-industry experience. He understood the concept immediately, particularly, what he called ‘the moral aspect’ of it.

More importantly, he highlighted the potential use of the best of what technology has to offer.

That’s when things really got rolling!

We started discussing the fee which Flat fee Homes would in future charge for its’ services. As a result, cost budgets were developed per transaction, with the full client service model as base. Volume budgets were also created, based on the analysis of past areas sales.

We finally agreed that a fee of R 50,000 ex VAT would be fair and equitable for the industry at large. Sellers of property would potentially save a massive amount of money. This, in turn, would potentially also benefit the buyer of the property. And future agents and franchisees would still make a more than decent living.

As the concept was largely volume-driven, the next piece of the puzzle was how we could maximise our future exposure in the market-place.

In the next instalment, read how the Flat Fee Homes digital marketing concept was developed…