||Flat Fee Homes, how it all started…

Flat Fee Homes, how it all started…

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Jan De Villiers, CEO and Founder of real estate business, Flat Fee Homes

I have been in the real estate business for over 14 years.

During this time, I gained extensive experience in the industry. It progressively started to bother me that commissions being charged by the industry were not justified.

Yes, there were times when a property could take months to sell and demanded a lot of my time.Flat Fee Homes pig

But, in most instances, a property would sell within a month or two. The time and money I had expended on bringing the property to sale simply did not justify the sales commission I had earned.

What is more, I realised that there was very little difference in the time and money I had expended on facilitating the sale of a R 5,000,000 and a R 2,000,000 property.

That is when I realised that there is another way of selling real estate. Charging a transaction cost which is fair to the seller, and which ultimately could save the buyer some money too.

But, I also never wanted to compromise on the service I would offer my client.

So, the challenge was to crunch the numbers and see whether I would be able to offer the same service at a dramatically reduced fee.

And, of course, what that fee should be…

Read about the next step in Jan’s & Flat Fee Homes’ journey soon.