||Revolutionary real estate system

Revolutionary real estate system

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Flat Fee Homes offer a revolutionary real estate system, where a R 50 000 (plus VAT) flat fee commission & superior service underlines your client journey.

  • Do you want to sell your property fast?
  • Are you sick of the traditional real estate model?
  • Do you cringe at the hefty sales commission attributed to the price of your property?

You need worry no more.

What is the Flat Fee Homes difference?

Our business model flies straight in the face of traditional real estate sales, in that our focus isn’t on the property, but rather on the process. We focus on how the process can best serve everyone involved. We offer big savings, sound experience and an utterly unique model that meshes the very best of traditional and online-only real estate solutions. Competitive pricing, hands-on experience from knowledgeable sales agents, and a firm foundation of superior digital and CRM (Customer relationship management) presences are just part of what makes us so special.

We charge only a flat fee commission of R 50,000 (ex VAT) upon the conclusion of the sale process, regardless of the value of your property. Gone are the days when your real estate’s hard work hinged entirely on an exorbitant sales commission. Consequently, we strive to remove this element both from the financial equation and as a burden to you.

With Flat Fee Homes, you will have peace of mind throughout the marketing process, knowing exactly what the sale of your property is going to cost and that no hidden costs lie in wait. With a drastically reduced commission fee, there will even be far more flexibility available in the price you charge for your property, pleasing your buyer in the process.

This is the digital age. There are vastly superior ways of presenting your property to the market out there. Most importantly, this means far more effective ways of getting your property exposed to an extended, while still targeted, buyers’ market.

That’s not all the digital age brings to the Flat Fee Homes experience. By employing a state-of-the-art client relations system to manage our relationship with our sellers, the result is a more effective information flow from us to you, greater participation from you, and complete transparency throughout your selling journey.

What can you, as a selling client expect from Flat Fee Homes?

  • Free valuations by our expert agents
  • Bespoke property photography including state-of-the-art video to showcase
    your property to its best
  • Effective communication every step of the way
  • Wide and relevant targeting of your buyer audience through a range of online
    options, including social media
  • Skilful management of the viewing process, so the weight is off your shoulders
  • After sales service included
  • Only one flat fee and no hidden costs!

Your hands-on sales journey is sweetened by the peace of mind of knowing there’s one flat fee from listing to sale, with viewings included. We also work closely with a well-known conveyancing firm to help smooth the process as much as possible.

Pave the way for hassle-free real estate transactions without losing any of the service.

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