||The traditional real estate landscape is changing

The traditional real estate landscape is changing

2019-01-14T13:59:27-08:00December 20th, 2018|

The traditional real estate landscape is changing. Flat Fee Homes has built a sound business model on this fact and as a result have reaped early benefits.

Our goals

We set out to:

  • Embrace the digital space in terms of how we source, qualify and convert leads.
  • Centre our marketing efforts on cultivating sound, responsive and relevant online real estate audiences.
  • Use social media as the catalyst platform in this entire process.

We complied with every guideline we set ourselves and we trusted our resources – traditional and digital. The results have been phenomenal.

The Strategy

Upon “officially” launching our website on 8 October 2018, our digital strategy changed from initial brand-awareness to actual real estate promotion. The target market we pushed this message to, responded better than we had anticipated. Two properties sold within a week of their respective listings. A third sold within a eight days of listing. This entire process (from listing to sale) has been a mutually beneficial one. The seller received the exposure for their property we had promised. The viewing was conducted by a experienced and dedicated Flat Fee Homes agent. On all three occasions FULL asking price was achieved. Our FLAT FEE of R 50 000 (ex VAT) applied throughout, with no hidden costs.

The Process

It has become tougher than ever to secure mandates and achieve lead-conversions in the current real estate climate. Clients want more (and rightly so). However with contemporary sales commissions being what they are, the wriggle room has effectively disappeared. Enter a hybrid model representing the best of the digital AND the conventional paradigms, Flat Fee Homes. The level of digital technology services today have allowed us to successfully offer vastly superior ways of presenting the owner’s property. As a result we have managed to improve communication & information flow, from a real estate agent to a client. The net result of which is greater transparency throughout the real estate transaction process.

The Client Journey

Our reduced fee of R 50 000 (ex VAT) gives our selling clients more price flexibility when marketing their home, consequently also benefiting the buyers of real estate.

One seller remarked: “Faultless process from start to finish. Professional, efficient & very little effort! Thank you Flat Fee Homes.”

A buyer echoed this sentiment. “As a buying-client, we were delighted with the service we received from Flat Fee Homes. The agent was professional, courteous, punctual and efficient. The process was painless and our expectations were managed and met throughout. We highly recommend them for any real estate business.”

In conclusion

Whether you refer to it as flat fee-, fixed fee- or capped commission real estate agencies, these brokers are here to stay. Flat Fee Homes, the one offering additional hands-on service, is no exception. Click here for a FREE VALUATION today.