Ongoing record-low interest rate bolsters property market confidence

Faced with recent setbacks to the economic recovery and with inflation hovering close to the mid-point range of the inflation target, as widely anticipated, the Monetary Policy Committee’s stance remains supportive of the economy by keeping the repo rate at near five-decade lows (3.5%). This means the prime interest rate holds steady at 7%, says […]

How to style your home – tips from the experts

Our environment plays a crucial role in our well-being. Living and working in a visually pleasant setting can boost one’s mood and even one’s productivity. Despite this, many are unable to piece together a cohesive look. This not only minimises the enjoyment of the space but could also potentially decrease the resale value of the […]

What you need to know about property investment

 A lot can be said about investing, and often it can appear like a very daunting approach to creating personal financial freedom, however, with these tips we simplify property investment to show you that with the right information you can also have a healthy property portfolio. Property investors invest, they do not speculate Many people […]

European buyer bags historic Morgenhof Estate for R52.25 million

More than 2 500 people around the world watched online as the oldest property ever to be auctioned in South Africa was sold for more than R50 million today. The 329-year-old Morgenhof wine estate on the slopes of the Simonsberg in the picturesque Stellenbosch region of the Western Cape in South Africa was sold via […]

4 Things you need to know about buying a fixer-upper as an investor

Buying a home that is in serious need of renovation is not for everyone and can be riddled with disaster. However, for those who do have the know-how and finances, it could be a very profitable and rewarding endeavour. The difference between a successful investment and a money trap lies in choosing the right fixer-upper […]