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Today we publish the next of our blogs in our 12-week blog series, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR HOME.

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You now understand what you can expect from an Estate Agent and you need to decide on who to appoint to market and sell your home. Don’t just pick the first one you see on a board somewhere. Even worse, don’t phone someone who has been a dear friend for many years and just happens to have become an intern estate agent two months ago. There are very few quicker ways of putting a friendship at risk than doing that!

Instead, source the best real estate agent out there. Do that by casting your ‘net’ as wide as possible. You may know of an excellent agent through a friend who has recently sold a property. If you do, don’t just employ the agent immediately. Pencil him or her in as the first one on your short-list. If you haven’t been referred to any specific agent, the internet thankfully provides a massive amount of easily accessible information. This is particularly relevant for real estate agencies and agents.


Spend some time in searching the most prominent estate agencies in your area and have a good look through their agents’ listings. Note that ‘prominent’ estate agencies these days do not necessarily mean the well-known names only. The success you have in the future with selling your home will depend on how effectively your property is marketed and how many potential buyers an agent may reach with the presentation of your property.

So, put a ‘buyer’s hat’ on and visit the internet sites which advertise properties.

There you will see:

  • the properties currently being marketed in your area. This has the added benefit of providing you with a good idea of pricing in your area.
  • the visual presentation of the various properties by each agency. Discard those with inferior photography or poor property listing information. Short-list only those who exhibit the best quality photographs and employ videography and/or drone technology
  • the number of properties featured by an agency and the specific agents. The better agents normally have a number of properties listed, mostly because they are good agents and therefore in demand. At the same time, be careful of those ones with a very large number of listings. It may indicate that they are not selling quickly enough. And how much time are they really going to have available for your property?

You may have to spend a few hours going through this exercise, but selling your home is obviously a very important undertaking. The reward is that you will end up with a short-list of high quality agencies and/or agents to choose from. Once done, either call the agency to send out an agent, contact the agent directly or, in many instances today, just book an appointment on-line for an agent to come and visit.

The objective of such a visit? To obtain a valuation of your property from each agent. It will not only provide you with a good idea of the price at which your property is likely to be marketed at, but you will be able to assess each of the agents in person, in terms of their personality and ability.



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