3 steps to avoid buyer’s remorse

Becoming a home owner is such a huge moment and the whole process of moving in and settling in can sometimes overshadow home buyer’s remorse – which does happen and is not spoken about enough in real estate. When the property market is moving fast, buyers rush to make decisions, and sometimes these rush decisions […]

Self-employed and applying for a bond – what you need to know

For home buyers that are self-employed, the bond application process might seem more daunting than those that work for an employer – however, it is not impossible and by being prepared it can go a whole lot smoother. How do I apply? As with any home loan application, the best is to be prepared with […]

Real Estate Agents | Flat Fee Homes

We sell your home for a flat fee FROM ONLY R50 000 (ex VAT) WATCH OUR VIDEO SEE WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US I’M A SELLER I’M A BUYER EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FLAT FEE HOMES Flat Fee Homes is committed to providing our selling clients with a superior client journey through: A free valuation conducted […]

Jan De Villiers continues his Flat Fee Homes story

Jan De Villiers continues his Flat Fee Homes story

Jan De Villiers, CEO and Founder, continues his Flat Fee Homes story…. Flat Fee Homes became a real estate reality. The process started unfolding carefully. Now to combine the proposed flat fee with a superior service model. In late April 2018 I floated my idea with an old friend, a management consultant with many years of cross-industry […]

Flat Fee Homes, how it all started…

Flat Fee Homes, how it all started...

Jan De Villiers, CEO and Founder of real estate business, Flat Fee Homes I have been in the real estate business for over 14 years. During this time, I gained extensive experience in the industry. It progressively started to bother me that commissions being charged by the industry were not justified. Yes, there were times when […]