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By registering on www.flatfeehomes.co.za, a user is implying his or her acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below and agrees to abide by them. At time of registration, it is your responsibility to ensure that all information entered is correct and accurate. Flat Fee Homes reserves its right to curtail its service to and/or remove from its website, any registered user who it deems to be in contravention of these terms and conditions. Flat Fee Homes will not accept any responsibility for any damages or losses which may be caused by the user being removed from the Flat Fee Homes system as a result of any contravention of the terms and conditions.

Check with everyone: Does registration on the web-site automatically mean an Account or is it a 2-step process (imo, it should be 2-step; registration and then when mandate is signed, client can open Account, where he/she will then see the already completed steps in the transactional process)


The effectiveness of the transactional relationship between Flat Fee Homes and its clients is based on us using information, either provided by you or collected from you. Flat Fee Homes will only use such information to the extent that it is relevant and appropriate to the transactional process and no such information will be divulged to any third party, unless such disclosure is required in terms of the transactional process. Flat Fee Homes uses cookies to effectively service you and your account and to optimize your user experience.


Once registered as a user on our website (see above), www.flatfeehomes.co.za, the user:

  • accepts that he or she uses the Flat Fee Homes website and system at his or her sole risk and that he or she absolves Flat Fee Homes of any responsibility for any damages and losses of whatsoever nature which he or she may incur as a result of the use of the website and/or the system
  • understands and accepts that Flat Fee Homes does not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of any content uploaded to the Flat Fee Homes system by either the user or Flat Fee Homes
  • will be entitled to login to his or her account at any time he or she wishes to do so
  • will be solely responsible for the protection of his or her login details
  • will be entitled to receive any and all notifications relevant to his or her account
  • will be entitled to access any information originally posted by him or herself or Flat Fee Homes
  • will be in contravention of the prescribed terms and conditions, if he/she:
    • causes any content to be uploaded to the system which is unlawful, pernicious or harmful to Flat Fee Homes or any other party
    • has misrepresented his or her identity
    • abuses in whatsoever form or content Flat Fee Homes or any other party
    • infringes upon any legal copyrights carried by Flat Fee Homes
    • causes harm to the Flat Fee Homes website or system by the uploading of any virus or any content which is construed as harmful and disruptive to the Flat Fee Homes system.
    • accepts the right of Flat Fee Homes to vet and to remove at its discretion, any content uploaded by him or her which Flat Fee Homes may deem to be harmful, pernicious or unlawful
    • accepts that, in order to give proper effect to the transactional process, Flat Fee Homes will use and make available to the public and public sites, including any potential Buyers, legal representatives of same Buyers, other real estate agents and/or agencies and any third party real estate advertisers, any information it may deem necessary, including but not limited to, all relevant information pertaining to the advertised property
    • accepts the right of Flat Fee Homes to access, manage and monitor the user’s account to perform whatever action might be required in the processing of any form of information, communication or any other activity required by the transactional process.


Flat Fee Homes displays a variety of information, including real estate detail, on its’ website, www.flatfreehomes.co.za. It always takes care to ensure that all data and content is accurate. However, Flat Fee Homes make no representation, guaranty or warranty regarding the accuracy of any information herein contained and accepts no responsibility for any costs, damages or losses, of any nature, which may be caused to any party resulting from any inaccuracy.

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